Big donation from the state of Texas

A delayed, but big thank you to Mr. Kessler of Texas. These large boxes arrived filled with Legos. Those pictured on top are just a sample of what was inside.  What a great collection! And not only were Legos included but K’nex and Erector sets too that we’ll be able to gift to a couple of our community partners that can use them on site.  Thank you again Mr. Kessler for your generous donation.  BrickDreams will be able to make immediate use of them.

BrickDreams donation

The donation that keeps giving

Summer time is here and the BrickDreams elves are busy.  It’s time to update everyone on recent and very special donations that have come in.  The Rubin family of Florida has a tradition of building Lego sets.  To teach their child about giving to those in need, they have and will continue to gift BrickDreams not only the set they build, but a new set as well.  BrickDreams will in turn gift both sets to those in need and we’ll use our network of community partners to help us place them where they can truly be used. What a great chain of giving. Thank you Rubin family now and in the future!

Enjoy Legos

Thank you Abedi Family

A wonderful surprise was delivered by the Adedi Family – 5 boxes of donated Legos!  We greatly appreciate you thinking of us and making such a generous donation to our charity. These Legos will be sorted and packed in short order and will be in the hands of our partners soon.  Thank you again for supporting our charity.

Cachet Abedi BrickDreams Donation

Thank you to the Fields Family

Wow, we can’t thank the Fields family enough.  They made a huge donation to BrickDreams – all the Legos their son had outgrown and it was quite a collection. Multiple boxes full! Our charity will be able to put them to great use and will bring a lot of kids in need some enjoyment.  Thank you again for all your generosity.

BrickDreams Fields Donation


Thank you Jimenez & Pentecost Families

Thank you Andrea Jimenez and Blake Pentecost for your generous Lego donations. Today at national Make a Difference Day, your Legos were prepared for donation to the Citrus Heights Police Department where they are being eagerly awaited for distribution.  Your donation will mean so much for other children.  Thank you for your thoughtfulness. make-a-difference-day-2016-6

Sparetime, Inc supplies generous tennis ball can donation

BrickDreams could never make its distributions without a ready supply of tennis ball cans. This summer, we’d like to thank Doug and Chrys Atkinson of Sparetime, Inc. There are many junior tennis tournaments in Northern California during the summer months and Coach Doug and Mrs. Chrys Atkinson were kind enough to help us get the cans used at these tournaments.  So far more than 30 cases have been donated.  Wow, that’s a lot of cans!

Thank you Lentsch Family

Nancy and Kevin Lentsch donated a large number of completed LEGO structures to BrickDreams that were part of Kevin’s collection.  He has been collecting and building for more than 26 years and his wife, Nancy, was the one to give him many of the sets during their marriage.  The sets are complete and many have instruction books so we are hoping to be able to donate them to some of our partners as intact sets.  Thank you Lentsch family for your generous donation.  Here is one of the many sets they gifted us.

Lego 001

Thank you Thorndup Family

Thank you Diana Thorndup of Folsom. The Thorndup Family donated a LEGO friends set. BrickDreams is excited to get your generous donation in the hands of children who will thoroughly enjoy it.

Thank you Kanagaki Family

Thank you to the Donn Kanagaki Family of El Dorado Hills for your generous donation of LEGO to BrickDreams.  The Kanagaki sons are now adults and allowed their collection to help the kids of BrickDreams.  Thank you for making a difference!