MDIC of Yolo County Connects BrickDreams to Partnerships

The Yolo County Multi-Disciplinary Interview Center (MDIC) continues to be a wonderful community partner to BrickDreams. Not only have they introduced BrickDreams to the Woodland Police Department, Sutter BEAR center and Child Welfare Services Yolo County, they have even offered to store the cans at their location.  Just this month, each of these four agencies (including MDIC) received another case for the children they serve.

Cameron Handley, Program Director, Yolo County MDIC

Cameron Handley, Program Director, Yolo County MDIC

Gold Country 4-H Volunteers Monthly to Support BrickDreams

Gold Country 4-H club Community Leader, Johnna Humber, inspired me (Lleyton) to get other 4-Hers involved in sorting events for BrickDreams. She believes in BrickDreams so much that Gold Country 4-H sorts LEGO every month at their 4-H Community Meeting.  That’s some community service! So far they have completed 59 cans in just 2 months and keep asking for more!  They do great, detailed work. Some of their members participated in Make a Difference Day with us and have become expert sorters at this point! Thank you Gold Country 4-H we appreciate what a great ambassador you are for BrickDreams.

Loomis 4-H joins other Placer County 4-H Clubs in Service

Thank you to the Loomis 4-H Club who responded to my invitation for other 4-h clubs to host a sorting activity at their monthly community meeting.  Community leader, Ellen Doerner, reported the youth had fun working on the sorting project. Many of them came to the monthly 4-H community meeting early, just so they could start before the meeting.  And boy did they work hard sorting 3 cases as an awesome team! They followed the instructions perfectly. Thank you Loomis 4-H. BrickDreams appreciates your community spirit!

Duplo Donations Sought by BrickDreams

In just one week, BrickDreams received three requests for a LEGO product called Duplo. Duplo is perfect for kids under the age of 5 because the building bricks are much bigger. Currently, we do not have any Duplo on hand. If you can help with these requests by donating your Duplo, we would greatly appreciate it. Donations can be sent to: BrickDreams, PO Box 891 Folsom, CA 95763

Placer County 4-H Turns Out For Community Service

The annual Placer County 4-H Still Exhibit Day was held on January 30, 2016 and BrickDreams was there.  4-Hers from across Placer County gathered project entries to be judged before the fair season. There were community projects alongside BrickDreams including Valentines for Veterans.  BrickDreams was honored to be part of a day of service to our community.  Placer County 4-H Still Exhibit 013016Placer County 4-H Still Exhibit 3 013016 Placer County 4-H Still Exhibit 2 013016

Local 4-H Club Kicks-Off 2016 With Community Service Work

BrickDreams Eureka Granite Bay 4-H Community Service 012316The Eureka Granite Bay 4-H Club held their first community service event of 2016. Eighteen members, friends and family sorted bricks and provided quality control on several cans of tennis balls.  In the end, they completed 5 cases of cans. A wonderful effort of 60 lbs of LEGO! Their effort will go to some deserving kids.

Thank you Babcock Family for Your Donation

Look what we found at the Post Office! Thank you Babcock family of Warriors Mark, PA for your generous donation of so many beautifully packed LEGOs.  We love to get sets that appeal to girls.  We are still surprised when we see such a huge box addressed to BrickDreams.  We can’t wait to get them into the hands of deserving kids. BrickDreams donation 12916