Thank You Andelin family!

Thanks Logan and Ryan Andelin for donating your unwanted LEGO bricks to BrickDreams! You are making a huge contribution to the lives of many kids affected by domestic violence and felony abuse! Thanks again!IMG_5186

Thank You to the BrickDreams Volunteers at Cavitt Jr. High School!

On May 18th, 2015, as part of CJSF, Cavitt Jr. High School students were given the opportunity to volunteer for BrickDreams. In addition to Mrs. Davis’s 20 students, who opted to help BrickDreams during 7th period, 29 volunteers stayed after school for two hours.

The first group sorted through hundreds of pounds of LEGO by removing non-LEGO items as well as any weapons. Another set of students stuffed the sorted LEGO into donated empty tennis ball containers. Other Cavitt volunteers labeled and boxed the BrickDreams containers to ready them for distribution; the students packaged 191 tennis ball containers (95.5 pounds). In just a few short hours, the Cavitt Jr. High students changed the course many kids’ lives. We appreciate all of the volunteers’ hard work to help others less fortunate.IMG_5165 IMG_5166 IMG_5167 IMG_5168 IMG_5169 IMG_5170 IMG_5173 IMG_5176 IMG_5177 IMG_5178 IMG_5179 IMG_5180 IMG_5181 IMG_5182 IMG_5193-1Special thanks to; Mrs. Shannon Laurin, Mrs. Shelly Davis, Mrs. Lisa VandeSteeg, and Mrs. Jennifer Platt and the rest of the Cavitt Junior High School staff.


Stand Up Placer

Today, BrickDreams donated 14.5 pounds of Duplo as well as 27 pounds of LEGO to Stand Up Placer. We met Brittney from Stand Up Placer, who kindly accepted the LEGO donation. We hope our donation will help many kids in need.

Brittney of Stand Up Placer accepting BrickDreams donation.  6.5.15

Brittney of Stand Up Placer accepting BrickDreams donation.

To date, we have donated 743.5 pounds of LEGO on behalf of our amazing donors.

Alex Morse

Thank you, Alex Morse, for giving up your LEGO to benefit kids in need!  Your gift will help lots of kids in more ways that you know!  Thanks again!

Alex Morse with his LEGO donation.

Alex Morse with his LEGO donation.

Thank you also to Alex’s mom, Corrine Aruelles Littles – we look forward to working with you over summer to spread awareness about BrickDreams!

Keifer Family

A very belated thank you to Bill & Dorie Keifer, as well as their daughter Jennie.  Bill and Jennie stopped by with a wonderful second LEGO donation to BrickDreams, and they graciously allowed us to take their photo.  Bill is meticulous – all of the pieces were sorted and categorized!  We have already donated some of your LEGO; some children are less stressed out because of your gift.  Thanks, Keifer family!

Jennie, Bill, Maya

Jennie, Bill, Maya

Mancini Family

Thank you to the Mancini family from Darien, CT for mailing us a box of LEGO!  We are so thrilled to receive donations from all over the country!  Your donation will brighten the days of many deserving kids.

Mancini Donation 2-15-2015



Baker Family

Thank you to the Baker family for your second LEGO donation to BrickDreams!  Your family first donated LEGO to us during the Johnson Ranch/BrickDreams LEGO Drive in August 2014.  We are thrilled that you contacted us again, and we look forward to passing on your generous gift to deserving kids in need.  Thanks, Bakers!

Brandon, Justin, Buster, Jordan, Brook, Maya.

Brandon, Justin, Buster, Jordan, Brook, Maya.

Leong Family

Thank you, Leong Family, for shipping two huge boxes filled with LEGO from Hoboken, NJ to us!

Matthew, we are thrilled to accept the LEGO that you no longer play with; your donation will help many children to mentally escape, even for a short time, the terrible circumstance they may be in.  Thank you, Leong Family.

2015-02-20 18.19.30