Big donation from the state of Texas

A delayed, but big thank you to Mr. Kessler of Texas. These large boxes arrived filled with Legos. Those pictured on top are just a sample of what was inside.  What a great collection! And not only were Legos included but K’nex and Erector sets too that we’ll be able to gift to a couple of our community partners that can use them on site.  Thank you again Mr. Kessler for your generous donation.  BrickDreams will be able to make immediate use of them.

BrickDreams donation

The donation that keeps giving

Summer time is here and the BrickDreams elves are busy.  It’s time to update everyone on recent and very special donations that have come in.  The Rubin family of Florida has a tradition of building Lego sets.  To teach their child about giving to those in need, they have and will continue to gift BrickDreams not only the set they build, but a new set as well.  BrickDreams will in turn gift both sets to those in need and we’ll use our network of community partners to help us place them where they can truly be used. What a great chain of giving. Thank you Rubin family now and in the future!

Enjoy Legos

Style Magazine’s 20 Under 20 Feature

The April edition of Style Magazine arrived in local mailboxes on Friday. We are so proud that Lleyton and Kyle Rutz were recognized in the Top 20 Under 20 section.  The section recognized teenagers “setting the pace” in their respective areas, whatever they may be. The kids accomplishments are so interesting to read about.  Lleyton & Kyle were fortunate enough to be recognized for their efforts with BrickDreams, a nationally recognized charity.




Thank you Singh Family

We love how we are granted donations in the most surprising ways.  At a recent 4-H meeting, the Singh family presented BrickDreams with a box full of sorted and packed Lego for donation.  We had no idea they were planning that.  Thank you Lucas for thinking of BrickDreams and taking the time to help us in a way that all those cans are ready right now to be given to kids in need.

Lucas Singh BrickDreams Donation

No Birthday Gifts…Donate to BrickDreams Instead

We recently received a very special donation.  A 12 year girl wished to gather donations to BrickDreams instead of being given gifts for her birthday.  Part of her birthday celebration was to see the Lego Batman.  The generous donations of her and her friends seemed to be a perfect match.   And boy her friends were generous – new Lego, Lego containers, and mini-fig display cabinets.  It was a big box filled with so much.  BrickDreams volunteers recently prepared Zuzu’s donation and everyone was touched by her thoughtfulness and kind nature.  Thank you so much for thinking of us. Everything you sent will be put to great use.

Zuzu Shoaff BrickDreams Donation

Thank you Abedi Family

A wonderful surprise was delivered by the Adedi Family – 5 boxes of donated Legos!  We greatly appreciate you thinking of us and making such a generous donation to our charity. These Legos will be sorted and packed in short order and will be in the hands of our partners soon.  Thank you again for supporting our charity.

Cachet Abedi BrickDreams Donation

Thank you Fields Family!

The large donation from the Fields family of Antelope was the perfect community service project on March 26th. Thank you very much. Members of the Eureka Granite Bay 4-H club spent the afternoon preparing Legos and getting them ready to give to our community partners.  Your gift was deeply appreciated and will give many children great happiness.

Eureka Granite Bay 4H Community Service BrickDreams

Style Magazine’s – 20 under 20 Article

Lleyton and Kyle were honored last week during a photo shoot for a Style Magazine. In an article entitled, “20 under 20”. The magazine will highlight teens who go beyond what’s expected and inspire all who cross their path. The magazine will hit news stands April 1.

Style Magazine Photo Shoot

Thank you to the Fields Family

Wow, we can’t thank the Fields family enough.  They made a huge donation to BrickDreams – all the Legos their son had outgrown and it was quite a collection. Multiple boxes full! Our charity will be able to put them to great use and will bring a lot of kids in need some enjoyment.  Thank you again for all your generosity.

BrickDreams Fields Donation