Sparetime, Inc supplies generous tennis ball can donation

BrickDreams could never make its distributions without a ready supply of tennis ball cans. This summer, we’d like to thank Doug and Chrys Atkinson of Sparetime, Inc. There are many junior tennis tournaments in Northern California during the summer months and Coach Doug and Mrs. Chrys Atkinson were kind enough to help us get the cans used at these tournaments.  So far more than 30 cases have been donated.  Wow, that’s a lot of cans!

Thank you Lentsch Family

Nancy and Kevin Lentsch donated a large number of completed LEGO structures to BrickDreams that were part of Kevin’s collection.  He has been collecting and building for more than 26 years and his wife, Nancy, was the one to give him many of the sets during their marriage.  The sets are complete and many have instruction books so we are hoping to be able to donate them to some of our partners as intact sets.  Thank you Lentsch family for your generous donation.  Here is one of the many sets they gifted us.

Lego 001

Thank you Yolo County Multi-Disciplinary Interview Center

The Yolo County Multi-Disciplinary Interview Center has been a wonderful partner to BrickDreams. They help get the news out of BrickDreams efforts and have been responsible for growing our presence to new heights in Yolo County.  Yesterday, BrickDreams was able to donate 12 cases or 144 cans to several agencies in Yolo County.  We are amazed and saddened to realize how many agencies are needed in just one county serving child victims of abuse.  Thank you MDIC and all the Yolo agencies who work tirelessly to make such a difference.


Thank you Thorndup Family

Thank you Diana Thorndup of Folsom. The Thorndup Family donated a LEGO friends set. BrickDreams is excited to get your generous donation in the hands of children who will thoroughly enjoy it.

Thank you Kanagaki Family

Thank you to the Donn Kanagaki Family of El Dorado Hills for your generous donation of LEGO to BrickDreams.  The Kanagaki sons are now adults and allowed their collection to help the kids of BrickDreams.  Thank you for making a difference!

BrickDreams Selected As Project for 2017 Folsom Community Service Day

BrickDreams has been selected to be part of Folsom’s largest day of volunteerism. It was selected by the City of Folsom from many that applied. The 2017 Folsom Community Service Day is coming up in September and 1,700 volunteers are expected to participate. This major citywide event mobilizes volunteers of all ages and interests to complete projects throughout Folsom that make a positive, lasting impact in the community. Volunteer sign-ups will be coming soon.  We are accepting LEGO and DUPLO donations too in preparation for the September event.

Start a Snowball Grant Awarded to BrickDreams

BrickDreams is excited to announce we are the recipient of a grant from the Start a Snowball organization.  Start A Snowball is helping build the next generation of givers through engaging kids in community service & funding their projects with seed money grants. We will use the grant to ensure we have a ready supply of Duplo to donate to our community partners who need them for their very young children. It will be great to expand how we fill the need in our community. Duplo is also a LEGO product, but is bigger and not a choking hazard.  Know anyone who has Duplo to donate?  We would gladly welcome it. Please see the website for our address.

Stand Up Placer in Auburn Scores A Donation

BrickDreams has joined forces with Stand Up Placer in Auburn and made a donation of 4 cases of LEGO to Annie Hess, Advocacy Specialist on behalf of the children they serve. We are proud of the great work Stand Up Placer does and are excited to be working with both the Roseville and Auburn locations.  A big thank goes to Amos, Martha and Leah Humber wonderful youth partners who sorted, packed and delivered the donation.  We couldn’t do it without you!

President’s Volunteer Service Award

Congratulations Lleyton Rutz on being awarded the President’s Volunteer Service Award for your exemplary efforts with BrickDreams.  The award, which recognizes Americans of all ages who have volunteered significant amounts of their time to serve their communities and their country, was granted by The Prudential Spirit of Community Awards program on behalf of President Obama.  Lleyton also received the Certificate of Excellence award signaling service work that was deemed within the top 10 percent of applications within the state of California.


Neighborhood LEGO Donations fill BrickDreams Need

The McNulty Family was inspired to gather LEGO for BrickDreams after seeing the recent article on us in the El Dorado HillsTelegraph.  They reached out to friends via social media and received a number of generous donations, including Duplo which is still desperately needed by BrickDreams.  Thank you McNulty’s for gathering so many generous donations and for acting so quickly to get them to us. McNulty